The only place in Paris… to see original Helmut Newton.

by Emmanuelle Pactus

Never one to read the airline magazines onboard any flights, I recently decided to break with that tradition on one of my Paris-Nice flights.

To my surprise, its content did not only comprise of what I can buy in Duty Free but of unique places and events going on in the world (and destinations where Air France is able to bring you).

One of the articles reaffirmed my desire to visit New Orleans, especially its French District and nearby plantations. But before getting to the United States, I was immensely delighted that I could do something a lot more locally.

A huge photography enthusiast, I am always willing to learn how to better in the art and was overjoyed to know that I would be able to report to an exclusive Helmut Newton exposition in the Southeast gallery.

by Emmanuelle Pactus

As any successful exposition in Paris, the waiting line started early on in the morning. Even those with tickets already in hand for 10:30AM, such as myself, were only able to get in at 11:00AM.

“Lots of people expected today,” said one of the outside line coordinators as we all anxiously waited.

Considered as one of the best photographers of the 20th century, “there had not been an exposition in Paris dedicated to him since 2003 at the Galerie Daniel Templon,” said the tour guide.

The exposition was everything it was hyped up to be with over two hundred original pictures and a short film on Newton’s photography method. As for the response, it was unanimous: a success! Reflected perfectly with the line outside that had double while I was inside.

“What a brilliant exposition! Just fantastic,” crowed Julia Pittorino, an art history student and pal from Australia.

Running until the 17th of July 2012, ample time for return visits. As for the venue, the Grand Palais is definitely worth the wait and regardless of what is being hosted, one of those places that should just be visited.